If you've filled your tank recently you likely already know the good news. Gas prices seem to be getting a little lower. And there's data to confirm that suspicion.

According to AAA, a steady drop in gas prices throughout the month of July will leave Illinois drivers paying the lowest gas prices for an August start since 2010. Illinois drivers are currently paying on average $3.56 for a gallon of regular unleaded. The price reflect a drop of nearly $.27 from just a month ago and represent the lowest prices for an August start since 2010.

Here in Rockford, stations appear to be a little lower, with most checking in around $3.47 per gallon, according to GasBuddy.com.


In July in Illinois, gas prices averaged $3.68, which was down $.22 from June 2014 and down $.16 from 2013.

And, according to  AAA spokeswoman Beth Mosher, prices appear to be fairly stable for the near future.

“Drivers in Illinois...looking to take their last summer road trip are catching a bit of a break with gas prices falling throughout July and into August due to minimal refinery issues and abundant supply. The outlook for the remainder of August looks positive barring any unforeseen issues throughout the remainder of the hurricane season.”

So go ahead and take that extra road trip! Your wallet won't be quite as light after paying for it.

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