I probably should point out that the residents of this particular county are not alone in wanting to separate themselves from the state of Illinois. There are several others, too.

Some are looking to force Chicago and some of the "collar counties" into becoming their own state, while others are looking to have their county become part of an existing state. In this particular case, we're talking about an Illinois county that would really like to become a Missouri county.

As you might expect, this sort of move does require some geographical proximity to Missouri, and the county in question most certainly has that going for it. It also requires certain authorities to give it the green light to move, and the county in question most certainly does not have that going for it.

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Before Anyone In Our Area Gets Freaked Out, Winnebago, Boone, And/Or Ogle Counties Are Not Looking To Leave The State (Or If They Are, They're Keeping It Really, Really Quiet)

It should also be noted that in this area we don't have the geographical proximity to Missouri to make it worthwhile. Wisconsin could be an option, but they're probably so upset about Craig Counsell going to the Chicago Cubs that they would never even consider it.

Here's the latest Illinois county to say they want out of the state:

Map on an old playing card of Jersey county in Illinois, USA.
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Jersey County, Illinois Says That They Want To Reach Across The Mississippi River To Join Hands And Become One With Missouri...But They're Being Told No

The person waving off their attempt to pull a county-style dine and dash is none other than Illinois' Attorney General Kwame Raoul.


In a report from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Raoul, in his opinion, said, "the state constitution does not provide a statutory procedure for the secession of counties from the state." Also noting issues at the federal level wouldn't allow the county's intention to go to another state to be a smooth process.

According to multiple reports, citizens in many Illinois counties for years have been seeing if it's at all possible to divide the nation's 24th largest state (by land area) into two. Leaving the Chicago area as its own state and the rest of the state to the counties outside of the region of America's third largest city.

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As I Mentioned Earlier, There Are More Counties Than Just Jersey County That Want To Leave Illinois Or Divide It Up--There Are 27, Which Is Over 25% Of Illinois' 102 Counties

At last count, these are the other Illinois counties wanting to make a change:

    • Brown
    • Clark
    • Clay
    • Crawford
    • Cumberland
    • Edwards
    • Effingham
    • Fayette
    • Jasper
    • Hancock
    • Hardin
    • Jefferson
    • Johnson
    • Lawrence
    • Northeastern Madison
    • Marion
    • Massac
    • Moultrie
    • Pope
    • Richland
    • Shelby
    • Wabash
    • Wayne
    • Whiteside

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