Greg Bishop -- Illinois Radio Network

The state not paying out on MAP grants as they have in the past could have long term impacts on the state’s workforce. That’s according to the Illinois Student Assistance Commission.

Lynne Baker, Managing Director of communications at the ISAC says a recent volunteer survey of the state’s community colleges -- both private, public -- that have used tax funded grants indicates most respondents won’t offer the MAP grant in the spring.

Baker says lack of funds that finds bipartisan support is unprecedented, but noted where the breakdown occurred.

“The governor’s proposed FY 16 budget held funding level with the original FY 15 budget which was about $373 million,” Baker said. “And actually the budget that was passed by the General Assembly, that was vetoed by the governor, proposed an increase to MAP to about $373 million”

Meanwhile, Baker says those who may have an unpaid balance at a university because of the lack of the grant dollars typically appropriated could neglect getting a diploma which isn’t good for the state’s workforce.

With more than six month into the fiscal year there’s most of the state’s spending has been decided by court orders and consent decrees. Tax dollars for public universities, the MAP grant and some social services have not been funded.

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