Check Out Illinois' Top Ten Colleges and Universities
Maybe you've got a soon-to-be college student at home, and you've been doing the college visit tour thing with them as you try to decide which institution will best fit your scholar, and more importantly, your budget. Many of us would like to keep our kids at a school somewhat close to home (rather than halfway across the country), and wonder which college or university in Illinois is the right pi
Illinois' Top Party Schools
I remember when my peers and I were discussing where we would like to go to college, and what we were looking for in a college experience. No surprise, for many of us the party atmosphere was just as (if not more so) important as the institution's academic reputation. Guess what? In the 35 years since then, things haven't gotten much different.
26 Illinois Colleges Make Forbes List of America's Best
You've probably noticed over the last few years that Illinois rarely makes a good showing in lists of "The Best _______ in America," but we do rank highly in many of the lists that a state would prefer not to. However, when it comes to colleges and universities, Forbes magazine says we're doing really well here in the Land of Lincoln.
Illinois Colleges Deal With Lack of MAP Grants
Greg Bishop -- Illinois Radio Network The state not paying out on MAP grants as they have in the past could have long term impacts on the state’s workforce. That’s according to the Illinois Student Assistance Commission. Lynne Baker, Managing Director of communications at the ISAC says a recent volunteer survey of the state’s community colleges -- both private, public -- that have used tax funded

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