Churros are good all by themselves, but when a churro truck can take things to the next level, we're totally here for it. 

There's something special about food from a food truck.

You know what I'm talking about.

It's special because it's actually made on the truck or at least it's made so that it travels well!

How many times, especially in the last year did you realize that not all food travels well... I'm talking to you breakfast restaurants.

Fried eggs do not travel well, in case you didn't attempt that in 2020.

But you know what does travel well?


La Calle Churro Truck
La Calle Churro Truck

You know what sounds better than a regular churro?

A churro packed with fruity pebbles and Oreos.

La Calle Churro Truck travels all around the Rockford area serving five different filled churros and those special cereal churros.

If you're wondering... wait wasn't there a different churro food truck in Rockford a few years ago? You're right, but it's the same company.

If you check out their Facebook page, sometime in 2020 they revamped 'The Bell Churro,' to 'La Calle Churro.'

Why? I don't know, we all had rebirths in some way or another in 2020 didn't we? No judgement here.

The most recent photo of their menu shows off all of their delish flavor options.

Fruity pebbles is a great choice, Oreo too, but now I'm thinking about what other cereal and cookie churros they should make.

What about... Lucky Charms? Could they do that? Would Cinnamon Toast Crunch be too much?

Is there such thing as too much cinnamon on a churro?

What flavor would you want to try?

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