The reason I bring this up is that I recently got an email from alert listener Gary, who had just found out that a package he ordered had been delivered to Rockford. Not our Rockford, but Rockford, Michigan.

In his email, Gary says:

"I kind of feel like an idiot. I didn't know there was another Rockford other than Rockford, Illinois. Well, at least I didn't know until I ran the tracking number on a package I had recently ordered. My email confirmation said that it had been delivered to me, but it wasn't. It turns out that it was nearly 300 miles from here, in Rockford, Michigan. You and Joe seem to know everything, so how the hell many Rockfords are there?"

The first thought I had was that anyone who thinks that Joe and I know everything probably doesn't get out too much. The second thought was that I needed to know the answer to his question, so I did some searching.

I found out in short order that our Rockford is one of many, although we are the largest municipality to carry the name Rockford. So, regardless of how many other Rockfords there are, we're the big guy.

After that, it seems as though there is more than one answer to the question, although more than 15, but less than 20 is a pretty good estimate. Here are the Rockfords I could find:

  • Rockford, Illinois
  • Rockford, Alabama
  • Rockford, Iowa
  • Rockford, Idaho
  • Rockford, Indiana
  • Rockford, Michigan
  • Rockford, Kansas
  • Rockford, Minnesota
  • Rockford, Missouri
  • Rockford, North Carolina
  • Rockford, Nebraska
  • Rockford, Ohio
  • Rockford, Oregon
  • Rockford, South Dakota
  • Rockford, Tennessee
  • Rockford, Texas
  • Rockford, Washington
  • Rockford, West Virginia

There are also places like Rockford Bay, Idaho, and Rockford Beach, Missouri. If you'd like, you can also grab your passport and visit Rockford in Hampshire, England, and Rockford, New Zealand.

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