Let's all close our eyes and picture a delicious chicken tender.

Do you have it pictured in your mind? Can you taste it? Is your mouth watering? Good. Now let's talk tenders.

Actually, first, let's look at some chicken tenders.

Chicken Lit Tenders & Wings in Naperville was just named the best chicken fingers in Illinois.

MSN details -

Lots of yummy fried comfort foods appear on the menu at Chicken Lit, including some of the best wings in Illinois. They come in three-, five-, and seven-piece packs, with or without fries and butter toast. Guests love the Yummy Sauce and recommend it highly.

I definitely think just from the photos that this place serves some GOOD chicken.

Credit ChickenLitNaperville
Credit ChickenLitNaperville
Credit ChickenLitNaperville
Credit ChickenLitNaperville

YUM. Here's what one review said about the chicken -

"Best fried chicken I’ve had in a long time! We’re used to food getting soggy in to-go containers when we order carry-out, but our chicken from here stayed hot and crispy right up to when we got home. Of course, everything tasted great! I’ll definitely be coming back for more."
Okay, I see you Chicken Lit!

The chicken is made fresh which means you're guaranteed that crunchy, crispy outside with the deliciously juicy inside. And then there's the sauces!

There's really nothing better than a well made chicken tender. This review says it all -

The chicken tenders were quite literally some of the most tender chicken I've had in strip form.

You can check out the menu, hours, and location here.


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