Artificial trees are looking better and better aren't they?

I come from a fake tree family. I think we had a real tree once, but it was a pain so it's been the same fake tree for years and years since then.

And when I have to share a story like this, I'm so glad I won't be sleeping in a house with a real tree this holiday season.

While this kind of looks like an unassuming pine cone, it's not. It's a praying mantis egg sack.

Let me say that again, A PRAYING MANTIS EGG SACK.

A sack filled with praying mantis eggs. Over 100 eggs could be in each sack.

I'm not sure there's anything more disgusting out there.

If you check your tree and find one of these sacks, you should clip them and put them in your garden, according to WGN-TV.

Have you ever seen one before? Please just tell me, no need to show me.

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