We don't have mice at my house (that I know of). We have two dogs and two cats. Our biggest pet challenge is our 11 month old Weimaraner, Lucy. You'll hear the word "NO!" spoken, shouted, screamed, and/or hoarsely whispered dozens of times per day. We've attempted to teach her some tricks, but really to no avail.

For example, I attempted to teach Lucy to fetch. I would throw her ball across the yard, run and get it, then return to her with the ball in my mouth. I could never get her to do it, but she will pat me on the head and say, "Thatta boy!"

For anyone who has ever tried and failed to teach a pet a cool trick, rest assured--it's not them. It's you. That's why the person who taught the trick below to their animal has earned my admiration...and disdain, for being a much, much better teacher.

Take a look:

I'm heading out to buy a new ball. My teeth are wearing the old one out.

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