Madison has a day for you if you ever wanted to ride a bike naked.

Celebrating World Naked Bike Ride Day In Madison

I have great news if you enjoy riding bicycles naked. After being canceled last summer, World Naked Bike Ride returns to Madison. They will be celebrating the 11th anniversary.

Normally the event is held in June but they waited to make sure there were no restrictions for the triumphant return.

The big day is scheduled for Saturday, August 28th, and the start time is 11 am.

For more info, HERE.

This short video will give you an idea of what it is like to participate in the annual Naked Bike Ride.

Video: World Naked Bike Ride

That Can Not Be Comfortable

I have to be honest, that does not look or seem like a comfortable thing to do. I did not enjoy riding a bicycle with clothes on, so I will definitely pass on the opportunity with none.

Do not get me wrong, this is a judgment-free zone so if this is a hobby of yours or something you want to pick up, well I say good for you.

Just be prepared for that bike seat. I do not think there is any way they could make a soft and comfortable one. They are always painful.

Avoid Madison On That Day

If you are planning a trip to Madison with the family to maybe go to the zoo or something, I recommend skipping that weekend. Otherwise, you might have some explaining to do for the children.

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