What happens when Illinois, Iowa and Wisconsin walk into a bar?

Hispanic men drinking shots at bar
John Lund/Annabelle Breakey, ThinkStock

I've spent a lot of time in the bars. I worked for years as a bartender, my husband is a bartender, actually... I met my husband at a bar.

When you are in the local watering hole enough, you start to notice that there are different types of people that go into bars.

It could be the group of loud cackling girls who haven't seen each other since high school. The hard working guy who just wants to have a beer before he goes home. The group of regulars that have nothing in common except their love for the local watering hole, which is enough for them to feel like family.

Well, what would happen if Illinois, Iowa and Wisconsin were all people inside a bar?

TheFederalistPaperProject answers the burning question by describing what type of person each state would be.

Illinois is a larger gentleman, eating deep dish pizza and drinking a Goose Island. He's reminiscing about the '85 Bears and how "this is the Cubs year."


Iowa is sitting next to Illinois, just trying to have someone pay attention to him.


Wisconsin is drinking New Glarus while eating cheese curds, and is probably about 5-6 beers ahead of everyone else.

Ha! Do you find that to be accurate representations of your state?

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