Driving from Rockford to Chicago down I-90, you always had your iconic landmarks.

It started in Belvidere, when you would pass the Belvidere Oasis. A last minute stop, in case you forgot something.

I'm pretty sure there's still a Sbarro's in there.

After that, you have the Marengo exit where there are about 5 different truck stops. Always good for a pit stop, some of the nicest facilities along I-90.

Joe Dredge
Joe Dredge

Is this heaven? No. It's a Road Ranger

If you're like me and have family in the far west burbs, Randall Road is your next major landmark. That can take you south to Elgin, Batavia, and the rest of the Fox River Valley, or north to Algonquin, Crystal Lake, and McHenry.

After that, the next big landmark has to be Woodfield Mall. The big weekend shopping trip you used to take with your family when you were kids. It seemed like a magical place. It's not so magical anymore. I'm not sure if that's a reflection of my maturity or what malls have become.

Once you passed Woodfield, it felt like you were officially in Chicago (you weren't, but this is what it felt like to a kid from Rockford.)

O'Hare was the next big landmark. Always awesome trying to time your drive to be right under an incoming 757. Probably not safe, but still cool.

Then you hit the junction, waited in traffic for about 30 minutes, and then boom! you're on the Kennedy. The city skyline was in view, you knew you still had a little bit of a drive to get to downtown, but this was definitely the city.

There was one last landmark, that once we were past, I knew we were almost there, and that was the Morton Salt building.

This enormous garage on the north side of the street was home to a salt manufacturing plant that was run by Morton.

It's been closed for years now and was just stilling empty.

That will all change this summer when the building reopens as a music venue named "The Salt Shed." A+ name by the way.

The first show will be Fleet Foxes on August 3rd, with many other shows planned throughout the summer.

Facebook - The Salt Shed
Facebook - The Salt Shed

Organizers say that the summer concerts will be held outside but an inside venue will open later in the year.

Tickets go on sale next Friday, Feb. 18. You can visit their website for more information.

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