I've made reference before that I LOVE limited time only gimmicks from fast food places. Taco Bell's Chicken Chips definitely fit that category. Let's go!

I've had my eyes on these for sometime now. They started promoting them about 3 weeks ago. I believe last Thursday they became available to the general public. Here's the description according to the website. 

...Order up some of these crispy triangles of marinated all-white-meat chicken, grab hold of that warm nacho cheese sauce and just go for it..before you know it, you'll be leading the weekly lecture in your favorite Taco Bell restaurant booth, successfully defending your thesis on the benefits of double dipping while rocking a pretty sweet sport coat with leather elbow patches.

So as you can see Taco Bell's target audience for these are tenured English professors at an Ivy League school. That's weird. Whatever, let's get to the chicken.

Appearance is pretty good. This is exactly what I thought I was getting. There wasn't any fried chicken smell. The cheese was pretty nacho-y smelling.

Joe Dredge

Here's what I noticed after one bite. These things are just a vehicle for nacho cheese. As you can tell by the cross section above, there isn't much chicken in these Chicken Chips. If this meat is actually marinated they are wasting their time. If you didn't tell me what these were I'd have no idea what was in them. Chicken? Possibly. Pork? Could be. Fish? I dunno. Potatoes? I'd buy it. Whatever's left from the Taco Bell chihuahua? Wouldn't be surprised.

I don't want the disappointment about the chicken to overshadow the real star of the show. The nacho cheese. I apparently have been sleeping on Taco Bell's cheese for some time now (more of a shredded guy.) This was surprisingly spicy for their generic cheese. I'm guessing this is the same stuff that they serve with their nachos. Whatever the case the cheese did a fine job of overcoming any deficits that came with the chicken.

Joe Dredge

Overall grade? A solid C. Maybe C+ if I'm feeling generous. That's not a bad grade considering that nothing on the Taco Bell menu will ever garner more than a B- (Cheesy Gordita Crunch with a Doritos Locos shell.) I will probably have them again before they're gone but if I miss them I won't be crushed. Maybe next time I'll eat them while wearing a tweed sport coat with elbow patches. Can't hurt.