No, our city wasn't invaded by tire wielding aliens, but something fishy did happen, and Rockford Police are putting a stop to it.

Here's what happened; last weekend the West Gateway Coalition hosted a neighborhood cleanup where about about 30 used tires where collected among lots of other things. The city of Rockford agreed to help the coalition dispose of the tires, and designated a parking lot on West State Street as the dumping site to use. Well, somehow word got out, and over a thousand used tires have been showing up there in the days since. Obviously, the city ain't happy,and they have asked Rockford Police to step in.

Rockford Police Deputy Chief Carla Redd recently told WREX:

"There's a sign that's been placed there advising our residents that this is not a dumping location for tires," says Redd. "The Nuisance Abatement Vehicle was parked there in essence to stop any other residents from disposing tires."


Rockford Neighborhood Standards Supervisor Rob Wilhemi also tells WREX that "there is some indication that some of the tires may have come from a commercial tire vendor in order to avoid disposal fee."

Naughty, naughty.

How about we all do the right thing and get rid of those old tires at Keep Northern Illinois Beautiful's Hazardous Waste Site at 3333 Kishwaukee Street in Rockford.