So, what's next for the Cubs now that they have finally won the World Series? Get ready for a big ticket price increase in 2017.

How much? Ticket prices will increase by an average of nearly 19.5% according to a report by Fox32.

Yep, the Cubs, who now have a World Series Championship to their name, are looking for a little more green to go with their Cubbie blue, to this really should come as a surprise to anyone.

The exact amount is closer to 6 - 17% for average seats, but for the really good seats, expect to pay 31% for club box infield seats..

FOX32 says that:

Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing Colin Faulkner says last year's team created "unprecedented demand" for tickets and that the higher prices shouldn't be a surprise.

Cubs fans took to Twitter to state the obvious

Others Complained:



Cubs fans will most likely happily pay the price for the tickets. Don't expect too many empty seats at the friendly confines in 2017