Big family barbecue, lots of people, loud noises, kids running all over the place. It's fun for us but not for our four-legged family members.

How to Keep Your Pets Safe During 4th of July Celebrations

All of that activity can really stress out your dog. Just because he or she may not show the signs of anxiety, doesn't mean it's not there, says Winnebago County Animal Shelter Technician Michelle Block in a recent post at

  • Signs your dog is becoming anxious:
  • Shifty eyes
  • Excessive panting & drooling
  • Pacing back and forth

Keep in mind that a dog's nature is to run away from loud noises. That could cause your dog find a away out of your yard or house and that could leave them homeless.

Animal Activist, Kathy Mehalko, has some tips on what you can do to keep your pet safe and distract them from their stress and calm their nerves.

  • Put the pet in the basement or other safe space
  • Turn on music or the TV to create distraction

Don't forget to periodically check on them and show them some love and affection... and maybe a little something tasty from the grill.

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