Hoverboards were all the rage this holiday season. It seems as if every kid on the planet got one.

CPS Confirms Hoverboards Are Illegal To Ride On The Pavement And The Road
Christopher Furlong, Getty Images

Can I just speak up for a minute and say these are not 'hoverboards' like Marty McFly had. These are weird skateboards in my own opinion. Mike Tyson couldn't even figure out how to work one of these things. Did you see that video? I couldn't help but laugh.

Anywho, these hoverboards have been nothing but trouble since they were out on the market.

Amazon even encouraged people to throw their hoverboards away because they can catch on fire. Now, I'm sure there are preventative measures to make sure this doesn't happen, but every day I hear of a one blowing up.

Regardless, the hoverboard craze comes with it's consequences.

The City of Dixon voted to ban hoverboards in it's downtown area, according to WREX.

There has already been a ban in place for bikes and skateboards, but it was expanded to include hoverboards. Hoverboards are no longer allowed on sidewalks.

If you are caught flying around on your hoverboard, you can be fined $100 to $750.



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