Quick thinking and some outstanding reaction by a housekeeper at the "W Chicago" prevented what could have been an extremely deadly July 4th in Chicago.

A house keeper reported seeing a powerful rifle positioned with a laser scope, in a 12th floor window. The weapon was pointing overlooking Ohio Street Beach. This is a very crowded and populated area, especially because of the fireworks display at Navy Pier.

When Chicago Police arrived at the hotel room, not only was there this powerful semi-automatic weapon, they also recovered a handgun and several loaded rifle magazines.

The room was occupied by Keegan Casteel, 32, of Ankeny, Iowa who now is facing some serious jail time. The guns were legally owned by Keegan, in Iowa...not Illinois.

Mr. Casteel had his bond set at $10,000 and is free to go back to Iowa. He will be under the watchful eye of the FBI now.


“I want to thank the hotel worker who spotted this individual from Iowa who decided it was a good idea to come to our city with an arsenal, an AR-15, and five loaded magazines which he had perched up on the windowsill,” Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot

The W Chicago is a very upscale Chicago Hotel, and runs about $244 a night with views of Lake Michigan on North Lake Shore Drive.

Thankfully this housekeeper reacted the way they did, obviously this prevented a very dangerous and violent 4th of July in Chicago.


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