Things have been tight around Hononegah High School ever since their sports dome collapsed in 2015. 

RRStar - Residents on April 4 will vote on a $17.8 million referendum that will cover construction and other costs of the field house. In the November general election they defeated a $44 million referendum that would have afforded the field house, plus other upkeep and renovations across the school grounds.

This new field house looks pretty cool but as you can see the city already shot down a referendum that would have approved this last year. The next referendum is less than half of the original so we'll see if the residents of Rockton put the wheels in motion.

Hono 3

The specifics of the new field house are these:

New Basketball Courts:

  • 4 Courts; 2 Championship Courts
  • Drop down nets to separate courts
  • Bleachers to seat 2,000 people

Plenty Of Running Space:

  • 200 meter indoor track
  • Room for long jump and pole vault

Other Amenities:

  • Training rooms
  • Storage facilities
  • Multi-purpose room overlooking the football field
  • Fitness space
  • Translucent panels for natural light

Hopefully the referendum will pass because the track team and physical education classes are currently utilizing hallways for practices.

You can read more about the new referendum being voted for on April 4th here. 



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