As you can tell by the forecast, this might be a pretty good weekend to get started on getting your yard ready for spring. 

If your yard is anything like mine that means a lot of sticks to pick up, raking up a lot of dead grass and removing anything your dog may have left over the winter (gross.)

These jobs will undoubtedly lead to you having some yard waste and nowhere to put it.

Don't fret because you'll only have to sit on that waste for a week because Rock River Disposal will begin picking up yard wast beginning the week of March 13. Yard waste will be picked up the same day as your regular trash day.

Rock River Disposal would like to remind you how to properly dispose of yard waste:

Yard waste consists of grass clippings, leaves, and small branches from residential properties and will only be accepted if placed in 2-ply biodegradable paper bags or in normal garbage cans clearly marked with a large X that is visible from the street. Branches and limbs can be bundled with string or twine (no wire) and placed out for collection as long as the individual branches do not exceed 4 inches in diameter and the bundles do not exceed 4 feet in length and 2 feet in diameter. All bags, cans or bundles shall not exceed 50 pounds by weight.

It's time to pick up some refuse bags and get to work this weekend. Watch where you step though if you have a dog. Good luck.

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