Life is better when stuff is free, when that stuff is chips and drinks, life it SO much better.

Seriously though, what do you love more than free food and drinks?

Enter Chili's.

Unfortunately the drinks are non-alcoholic, but hey, regular old lemonade is good every once in a while.

So here's the deal, Chili's started a new rewards program, and when you're part of it you literally get free stuff every time you visit a location.

All you must do is sign up for the 'My Chili's Rewards' program and then when you're at the restaurant, scan your app or enter your phone number on the table's Ziosk.

Ziosks by the way, are those awesome little machines at your table so you can order more quickly.

You get to grab chips and salsa or a non-alcoholic drink with each visit.

So do it, duh.

You also get birthday perks and all kids of other rewards when you're part of the club.

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