When Rockford Police Chief Dan O'Shea visited the WROK Morning Show recently, he pointed out how much he loves the Rockford Police K-9 officers. He's obviously not alone.

A beloved K-9 named Bruno retired after serving his Arizona police department for seven years, and his last day on the job was quite the treat.

Bruno joined the police department in September 2013. The very good boy, a male Belgian Malinois imported from Czechoslovakia, was trained and nationally certified in patrol tactics and narcotics detection.

After helping the department seize nearly $1 million in narcotics, Bruno deserves “some much-earned belly rubs,” the dispatcher said.

While Bruno will leave behind a legacy, his fellow K-9 comrades, Justin and Diesel, were set to follow in his pawsteps by detecting narcotics and explosives in Oro Valley, just outside Tuscon.

Here's Bruno, along with his handler, Officer Roger Reynolds, calling it a career:

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