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At times it seems that the art of "sportsmanship" gets lost in the shuffle, with youth athletics. Now I'm not specifically talking about the players, it's a result of coaching...selfish, egotistical coaching. The players are always going to take the lead of a coach, no matter the sport. So if your kids sports team is coached by someone that is more into his/her state ranking and puffing their chest out in every situation, those are the same narcissistic values the team with adopt. When swearing and yelling is a crutch for a coaching staff, instead of teaching and helping...That coach is more concerned with how "they" look and not the team. It's sad, but it's becoming more and more a mainstay in high school athletics. Sure, everyone wants to win, but at what cost? Losing the respect of the athletes and the athletes parents? Coaches, you are TEACHERS and ROLE MODELS for these young minds...If that is too much to handle, find another career.

With that said, I came across this photo yesterday that shines a little light on true sportsmanship. The Milledgeville softball team didn't have enough on this certain day to defeat the Durand Bulldogs softball team. Even during a difficult game, there was a player helping a player from the opposite team. The Milledgeville player helped out the Durand player....that had her shoe come untied. This photo goes way beyond a game. This photo is a tremendous showing of human kindness and grace.


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