There's a new trend for engagement rings.

Couples are skipping the rings and getting pierced.

Have you seen it in Rockford?

Instead wearing an engagement and wedding ring, people are opting to get their fingers pierced.

Can you say "OUCH"!

This makes me shutter at the thought.

I'm serious this is a real thing.

I came across this article from that found that this finger piercing trend has become very popular.

In fact, Here's a video from Cultura Cultiva+ Facebook showing just how this is done.

That looks so painful. It makes my stomach sick.

You have your choice of "either a simple bar or stud, [while] others prefer more elaborate designs, including having  their "wedding" rings embedded into their skin."

According to the article, it's takes up to a year to heal.


NO WAY! I prefer to wear the rings myself.

Why would someone want to do this? I just keep thinking about how you'd catch it on something. The thought of tearing it out on accident, makes me want to barf.

How about you? Would you do this?



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