In general my family, and luckily my littles, are pretty healthy. My oldest just started preschool though, so I'm bracing myself for the bombardment of germs that comes along with it.

The other day I saw a friend of mine share this lady's post on Facebook, and it blew my mind. Could something as simple as grape juice really be our "get out of the stomach flu free" card?!?

O.M.G. Is this for real?!? Of course I had to do some research, and I'd be lying if I said that my grape juice excitement didn't just deflate a little.

Apparently, typing in "drinking grape juice to avoid stomach flu" on Google is a hot topic. I discovered many discussions on the topic, and most of them did not validate the magical healing properties of grape juice.

Most of the articles however, discussed drinking three glasses of grape juice immediately after being exposed to the stomach flu virus, not drinking it daily as a preventative measure like the lady's Facebook post suggested.

Basically, people are saying that the properties in grape juice are able to change the pH in your intestinal track making it impossible for stomach viruses to multiply. Is this true? Not really, according to

The pH mechanism is almost certainly bunk. The two main viral causes for gastroenteritis are the norovirus and rotavirus, both of which enter the body through the mouth and infect either the stomach or (more commonly) the intestines. Any pH influence that grape juice may or may not have on the stomach or intestines pales in comparison to the wildly varied pHs the virus would have already survived on its course to one’s gut.

Guys, I read a lot about this and my conclusion is this; I'm buying lots of grape juice for my family to drink just in case. None of the articles I read completely falsified the grape juice effect, they just couldn't prove it actually works. Better safe than sorry, right? You be the judge.

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