Kenosha Wisconsin Police Officers were trying to get a suspect into the back of a squad car, when things got really grabby, or handsy, or "oh my go he's got my..." weird. SG

Jerry Watkins is a bad, bad man. While officers were in the process of arresting him and cuffing him and preparing to take him downtown...Jerry "squeezed" in one last action. Here is the actual quote from the officer that cuffed Jerry, and then got his junk violated:

“He’s got my d***! Spray him, spray him! He’s got my d***.” - Officer Steven Prudhom.

Officer Prudhom was striking Jerry in the face and head will all he had and nothing. Not one shot to Jerry Watkins could get him to release his deadly grip. Yah, I said deadly...You'd think the same too in his shoes!

Finally fellow officers started spraying Pepper Spray, and that loosened the grip. All of this began with a call of a disturbance at a bar. Next thing you know, the long arm of the law (or leg) was being violated.

Here's the totals on Mr. Watkins and the charges against:

  • Battery on a law enforcement officer and causing “substantial bodily harm/soft tissue injury.”
  • Misdemeanor counts of disorderly conduct
  • Resisting an officer

Officer Prodhom did in fact go to the ER do get his "very personal" injury looked at. He was experiencing some "discoloration to his penis." What in the...

The doctor suggested that Officer Prodhom goes to see a specialist for his injury, I'd say so. Don't think that's a "take this antibiotic for 10 days" type thing.

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