The gummy bear supply in the area is about to become super fresh in a few years. 

WGN - Gov. Walker announced the $242 million planned facility on Thursday surrounded by state and local economic development officials. The company is expected to be operational...near Kenosha by 2020

This will be the first North American plant for German based Haribo and will employ about 400 people.

Speaking as someone who loves, LOVES, gummy bears this is a pretty big deal. Seriously outside of Skittles and Starburst gummy bears are probably my favorite candy, especially the sour kind.

The story doesn't say if the factory will be selling any candy onsite but there has to be some sort of outlet store for the gummy bears. Maybe they sell off the "irregular" bears. Guys who had their heads cut off or got the red dye but pineapple flavoring. I don't know but I need to be able to eat gummy bears fresh off the line.

While we're here. The ranking of gummy bear flavors. Not debatable:

1) Pineapple - Colorless

2) Lemon - Yellow

3) Orange - Orange

4) Raspberry - Red

5) Strawberry - Green

Strawberry gets the last spot because using green dye for strawberry is straight up crazy behavior. Hey Germans, quit being so weird.

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