Thrill seekers could have a new bucket list item to cross off in Chicago soon. 

Willis Tower (née Sears Tower) will be undergoing a $20 million renovation that will include among other things a rappelling course down the side of the building.

NBCChicago - Visitors will be able to rappel from the 103rd floor to the 102nd in an ambitious $20 million expansion of the Willis Tower's Skydeck

The last "remodel" to the Skydeck was the addition of The Ledge which allowed people to step out 100 stories in the air. It was a semi-popular attraction. One of my friends proposed to his girlfriend there (they were divorced in about 6 months so maybe it wasn't the best idea) but it was definitely a one trick pony.

Sears Tower To Unveil New Glass Ledge On 103rd Floor
Getty Images

Also included in the expansion would be something called the "Ledgewalk"

... an outdoor glass ledge where visitors would be secured in a safety harness to admire a view that's sure to... put you on edge.

Not sure how that differs from the above picture. Maybe there's no walls or railings? Not sure. All I know is that Willis Tower needed to step up it's game. It's common knowledge around town that a much better view can be seen from the Signature Lounge at the top of the Hancock. Not only better but if you go to the bar, entrance if free with the purchase of a drink, which is cheaper than just going up Willis Tower.

Will I do this? No. But I'm sure it will attract a rash of new tourists and maybe even people who want to propose to their girlfriends even though all their friends tell him not too.

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