For the record, I don't hate Winter and I know that's not a popular opinion.

To me, the perfect Winter night involves snuggling under blankets with my family while watching a movie with the fireplace roaring. I also LOVE when it snows...if I don't have to drive in it.

There are only two things that truly ruin my love affair with Winter; when it drops way below zero and I feel like my face is going to freeze off, and when I receive the Nicor bill after a string of super cold days.

Nicor Gas knows EVERYONE hates them when the bills come around, so since they can't really do anything about the cost, they want to help us save some money on energy this Winter. One way they are doing that is by providing their customers with free "Weatherization Kits".

According to their website, every Nicor Gas customer can order up to two Weatherization Kits that include:

  • 12-pack of outlet and switch foam gasket
  • 17' roll of closed-cell foam tape weatherstripping
  • 17' roll of V-seal type weatherstripping
  • Self-adhesive door sweep
  • 30' roll of rope caulk

Ordering one of these free Weatherization Kits is super easy, just make sure you have your Nicor account number handy, and then go to to place your order.

FYI, if you've got a problem with an abundance of water usage in your house as well, Nicor has a money-saving kit for that too, check it out here.

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