We recently had the pleasure of welcoming Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker on the show to discuss his new book "Unintimidated" and his re-election effort in the Badger State.  We joked with him as we brought him on the show thatb not much has happened since the last time he joined us, right?  That was during the GOP primary in 2010, before the Act 10 reforms and before the recall effort north of the border.

Walker has family connections to Rockford, as his mom was born on a farm between Rockford and Belvidere and his dad was born at Swedish American.  We asked the Governor if he would consider campaigning next year for the Republican gubernatorial candidate for here in Illinois:

Absolutely.  The reality is we compete globally in the region.  There's a benefit to us when the state of Illinois is strong, just like other states in the Midwest are strong.  That helps Wisconsin.  To me, I wouldn't get involved in the primary, but in the general election without a doubt.

The Governor also pointed out the divergence of Illinois and Wisconsin's economies and unemployment rate since 2010, when he took office and Illinois voters saw fit to return Governor Quinn to Springfield. OK, you're right...actually he returned to Chicago where he seems to believe the state's government operates.  Unfortunately, we forgot to ask Walker if he charged interest on the Bears/Packers bet that Governor Quinn took months to pay off.  Maybe next time.  The full interview is below:

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