9, 13, 14, 21 and 25. Those are the ages of the five lives that were lost in a catastrophic fire in Garden Prairie, Illinois on Monday morning.

One child, two teens, two adults killed in Boone County house fire

The call came in at 2:30 a.m. on Monday, March 7th.

Boone County Fire District #2 was dispatched to a house fire on Fleming Road in Garden Prairie.

Firefighters were told there were people trapped in the fire.

When the firefighters arrived, the house, a shed and three vehicles were engulfed in flames. The flames were shooting out of every window of the home.

The fire destroyed everything, including taking the lives of five people.

Go Fund me
Go Fund me

Manny age 25

Manny was the oldest of seven children. He was employed at a local manufacturing company that produces insulated bags.


Elizabeth 'Lizzie' age 21

Lizzie was a new mother who was recently accepted into a local nursing program and was prepared to start classes in the fall. Her daughter Katalyna, was rescued from the home by her younger brother Raymond.

Danika age 14

Danika wanted to be a gymnast. She was in the 8th grade and was looking forward to going to high school in the fall.

Zofia age 12

Zofia wanted to be a baker. She loved going to Grandma's and doing all of the cookie, cake and any other baking she could get her hands on. She was in the 7th grade.

Aniela age 9

Aniela was in the 3rd grade and wanted to be an actress. So she would dress up in costumes and put on shows for family and friends.

The children's mother, Jennifer, is still in critical condition in the burn unit as well as 20-year-old Raymond. Lloyd, the father of the children and Jaime, the boyfriend of Elizabeth have been released from the hospital.

In addition to the children and siblings who can never be replaced, the surviving members of this family have nothing. Everything they owned is gone, including their automobiles.

A Go Fund Me account has been set up for the family by the mother and grandmother of the family.

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