Odds are that you're going to order out sometime this weekend. Help out our carry-out restaurant along the way. 

The campaign is called To-Go Tuesday but it goes on all week.

Local restaurants need help more right now than literally ever before and this is an easy way to help out.

Just take a picture of your food, you were probably going to do that anyway for instagram, and post it to social media with the hashtag #ToGoRockford. It's literally that easy. First of all, it's a great form of free advertising for our local restaurants. Second of all, you can actually win something. The Rockford Area Conventioners and Visitors Bureau is awarding a $25 gift certificate to a random post every week.

Does your picture have to be good to actually win? No. I'm proof. I am a HORRIBLE photographer and managed to pull down the winning entry when I shared Octane's chicken adobo family style dinner a few weeks ago.

Need some more inspiration on where to go out to eat in town? Head over to GoRockford.com and check out their restaurant guide. They will always have the latest information on what restaurants are open and all the ways to contact them. I'm not just saying this because they're a friend of the station, they have a very aesthetically pleasing and informative website. Seriously, they did a great job with it.

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