Consider this an early Christmas gift.

For 25 days in a row, drivers across the country have seen the retail price for gasoline fall. The better news is that experts think the trend will continue.

According to UPI, AAA reports a national average retail price for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline at $2.04, about 7 percent less than one month ago. They attribute the fall to the end to an unusually busy season of refinery maintenance and slumping demand:

"Demand for gasoline typically declines during the winter months and the gasoline market may become even more oversupplied in the near term, which should keep gas prices relatively low," the motor club's report read. "Barring any unanticipated disruptions in supply, or swings in the price of crude oil, retail averages are expected to continue to fall leading into 2016."

Rockford's average sits at $1.93 per gallon, according to Michigan has the lowest average price in the nation at $1.79 per gallon.


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