A disgruntled employee strikes again. 

WGN - Aisha Putnam was Garrett’s director of research and development until she was fired last month.

She was one of only three people with access to the recipes.

Garrett claims, she downloaded more than 5,000 files in the days before she was terminated.

I have a friend here at work. His name is John and he's from Lousiana, just moved to the area a few months ago. I told him about this story and he said: "How can you steal a recipe for popcorn?" It was at that moment that I realized not everyone has heard of Garrett's.

If you are in this group of people that have never tried Garrett's, change that ASAP. I don't even like popcorn that much and will duck into Garrett's if the line isn't too long. Their claim to fame is the Chicago Mix. It's simply their caramel and cheddar corn are mixed together. It's glorious.

This might be good news for people outside of the city. If that recipe gets leaked, maybe the rest of the world can enjoy a true Chicago Mix. Until then if you want some you have to wait in line in the city.

P.S. Pro-tip. Hit the one in the loop on the weekend. It's usually dead. Go there Friday at 2? That's at least an hour wait.

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