Just when we thought the progress of developing a Hard Rock Casino in Rockford was finally cruising along, the Illinois Gaming Board just pumped the brakes...again.

Before I explain this current development, let's backtrack a moment to the original proposed plan for when construction on Hard Rock Casino Rockford is underway. The plan was to establish a temporary casino at Giovanni's until Hard Rock Casino Rockford officially opened, but now it's look like a plan B may need to be created.

According to mystateline.com;

The Illinois Gaming Board has denied Giovanni’s request for a casino suppliers license. The decision came after the restaurant requested to withdraw its application at the last minute.

Withdraw at the last minute? Are you as confused as I am? Mystateline.com's article doesn't dwell into why the request was withdrawn by Giovanni's at the last minute, but Illinois Gaming Board administrator Marcus Fruchter's did explain why the license request was denied;

based on conduct and associations that would jeopardize the integrity of gaming and discredit or attempt to discredit the state and Illinois gaming.

So, is there a plan B in place? Yes. WTVO says 815 Entertainment, the investment  group who is spearheading the movement to bring a Hard Rock Casino to Rockford, is now in the process of buying Giovanni's.

So, does this latest hiccup totally upend the development of Hard Rock Casino Rockford? Not really, according to Rockford's Mayor Tom McNamara who released at statement that basically said the change in Giovanni's ownership will not slow down the casino process. Let's hope not, because Rockford is more than ready to let the dice roll!

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