It's always story time when Greg Pryor joins the show. 

We had Greg Pryor on for the first time a few weeks ago to talk about the upcoming White Sox and baseball season. We had such a good time with Greg that we waited about 6 days before asking him back on the show. For some reason Greg liked us and said yes.

Baseball fans of any team should take some time to listen to Greg spin some yarns. The man spent some quality years in the big leagues and was at some famous moments. He started the first game of the doubleheader at Comisky Park that featured the Disco Demolition which eventually turned into a riot. He also finished the game at third base for George Brett after the pine tar incident. He also happened to win a World Series for the Royals but that's about the 50th most interesting thing about Greg.

Greg played for current White Sox manager Tony LaRussa the first time he was the manager for the South Siders. Greg had some interesting tales to tell about Tony in his book The Day The Yankees Make Me Shave (which you absolutely should pick up) but allowed Tony to write the forward and agreed to not edit anything Tony wanted to write. There is mutual respect between the two, and that carries on today. Even with the slow start to the White Sox season, Greg is confident the White Sox made the right hire at manager.

I said we liked talking to Greg, not that we always agreed with him.

That's what makes talking to Greg great, it's not just a guy telling stories, it's a guy having a conversation about baseball, a game he absolutely loves.

Thanks again for coming on Greg. Already looking forward to your next visit.

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