We've all been there, you've been out all night drinking and partying, now you're hungry. Where do you go?

Only local places are mentioned. Sorry, if you wrap up your night at Denny's, Perkins or Taco Bell.

Also, use your head. Don't drink and drive to either place. Ask your saintly friend who has dealt with your drunkenness all night long to get you there.

According to Yelp! there are five places in Rockford that you need to try if you have the late night hunger pangs.

Honorable mention for the local restaurant at the end of the list.

Roderick M on Yelp says, "Uncle Nick serves up the best gyro I've tasted in Rockford."

Michael S on Yelp says, "If you like a fantastic greasy burger- this is the place! The prime rib sandwich is also very good."

Barney M on Yelp says, "the food popped.  that's the only word i can use to describe it.  it's fusion, which was a great surprise for me."

Tim Z on Yelp says, "The mushroom and Swiss burger, Reuben and beef sandwiches were very good."

Becki L on Yelp says, "The best and most delicious pizza on the south side of Rockford."

Sweet Lenny says, "If it's been a long night, eat at Spring Garden."


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