If you've participated in the multiple class action lawsuits against various tech companies over the last couple of years, you've probably made a little bit of money. Companies like Snapchat, Instagram, Google, TikTok, and Facebook have had to kick out millions of dollars to settle with Illinois users over their violation of Illinois' BIPA laws.

What exactly is this BIPA thing that company after company keep tripping over?


The Biometric Information Privacy Act is a law set forth on October 3, 2008 in the U.S. state of Illinois, in an effort to regulate the collection, use, and handling of biometric identifiers and information by private entities. Notably, the Act does not apply to government entities. While Texas and Washington are the only other states that implemented similar biometric protections, BIPA is the most stringent. The Act prescribes $1,000 per violation, and $5,000 per violation if the violation is intentional or reckless. Because of this damages provision, the BIPA has spawned several class action lawsuits.

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If You're An Illinois Facebook User, You May Have Already Gotten A Check Or Two From Facebook As Part Of Their Illinois BIPA Settlement, And You're About To See More

If you took part in the class action lawsuit, you've probably already received a check or deposit in the amount of $397 (which was issued last year), followed by another check or deposit for $30.61 (those payments went out in February).

The third, and what appears to be final payouts have gone out this week (October 23rd) to those who took part in the lawsuit, but this one is going to be significantly less than the first and second ones.

How much less?

Well, it will be $389.80 less than the first payment, and $23.41 less than the second one.

That's a grand total of $7.20.

Maybe you'll feel better if you just think of the overall total you ended up with, which should be about $435.

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