I'll give the Field Museum an A for effort but this looks a little goofy. 

Chicago has a history of dressing up their public art for big sporting events.

The Art Museum's lions have been Blackhawk fans.

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Cub fans.

Facebook/Chicago Art Museum

They have some Bear helmets as well but I can't find any approved images to put in this blog.

Here's the Picasso getting into the Bear spirit.

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I think all of these look good. The Field Museum dinosaur just kind of looks like they threw a blanket over it. Probably just a byproduct of its weird body (sorry to body shame on this blog). Would it have looked better on a T-Rex? Probably, they have a lot more body and a LOT less neck. That's the problem here, all the neck. Maybe wrap a scarf around it as well so it doesn't stand out like that? I don't know. I still wear cargo shorts on the regs, so don't come to me for fashion advice.

Final grade:

A for effort

C+ for execution