This might be the best thing you see today or week or maybe this month. It's a supercut of dogs at an Illinois shelter at the moment they realized they were adopted and it's a bundle of pure joy.

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There's a reason why this is trending on Digg today and other national sites. It's a video created by a guy at the Wayne County Humane Society in Fairfield, Illinois that was just shared by the YouTube channel We Love Animals. He decided to capture the moment when he goes back to show the dogs the card that means they're on hold for adoption. It didn't take long before the dogs knew what those cards meant and their reactions...are just wonderful.

Such a great idea to show how much it means to these animals when they find out they have a home again. I thought it was touching also when he shared the sad moments when a pet has to be surrendered. It's a reality that sometimes families come to a place where they can't take care of an animal anymore. Hits hard to see the impact it has on the dogs.

According to the video share, the moments he's capturing has helped increase adoption rates at their humane society. What a refreshing idea that I just can't get enough of. Well done, dude. Your heart is in the right place.

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