Be careful who you direct your road rage toward. It might be the former heavyweight boxing champion of the world.

From Healthday:

Although no agency keeps official statistics on road rage events across the country, reports of so-called "aggressive driving" incidents have increased by about 7 percent each year since 1990, according to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. The "reasons" given for violent disputes that ended in injury or death include:

  • "He cut me off ..."
  • "She wouldn't let me pass ..."
  • "It was an argument over a parking space ..."
  • "Nobody gives me the finger ..."

"The so-called 'reasons' for disputes are actually triggers," an AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety report observes. "While the event that sparks the incident may be trivial, in every case there exists some reservoir of anger, hostility, or frustration."

The video is supported by various Georgia law enforcement agencies.

No ears were harmed or otherwise bitten during production of the video.

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