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Chicago's Drivers are Among America's Rudest
Today's my day to talk to you about driving here in Illinois. Earlier this morning, I posted some analysis of summer road trips that has Illinois ranked as the 16th worst state for summer travel (click here for that report). As soon as I finished up that post, I got an email from Expedia that gives …
Morning Headlines: Thursday, September 10
Aldermen React After Council Votes "No" on HUD Loan for Downtown Hotel Projects
Belvidere Woman Charged in Road Rage Incident
Winnebago County Board majority leader faces a primary election challenge
PK Diner Closing After One Year in Business
A battle cry to solve Rockford's GED crisis as…
Evander Holyfield Hates Road Rage
Be careful who you direct your road rage toward. It might be the former heavyweight boxing champion of the world.
From Healthday:
Although no agency keeps official statistics on road rage events across the country, reports of so-called "aggressive driving" incidents have increased by…
Cartoonish Road Rage in Russia
Anyone who's spent any time perusing internet videos knows that it's apparently a legal requirement in Russia to have a dashboard camera.
Last week I posted the Russian dashboard camera video of a motorcyclist plowing into the rear end of a truck, flying over the handlebars, and then landin…