It had to be one of the stranger calls ever fielded by the Baraboo, Wisconsin Police Department, but as law enforcement officers quickly determined, the person who phoned in to tell them that a large elephant was in her backyard eating marigolds wasn't kidding.

For reasons that have yet to be fully explained, last Friday a full-grown elephant that makes its home at Circus World Museum in Baraboo decided to take a little walk around town. It wasn't a long walk--about a mile from the museum complex, but it was certainly memorable for those who caught a glimpse of Kelly the elephant on her walkabout:

One explanation being floated around is that Kelly's fellow pachyderm pal, Isla, helped Kelly with her jailbreak by using her trunk to dislodge a restraint on Kelly, allowing Kelly to take her stroll.

Isla has retained an attorney, and is not talking.

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