Higgins Hall at Western Illinois University was torn down over the weekend, and thousands of WIU alumni, and some drones, were there to watch the implosion first hand.


Higgins Hall was a 50-year-old building on WIU's campus that was badly in need of renovations and repairs. It would reportedly have cost $48 million to bring the building back up to code, so the school made the decision to tear it down, a decision they are receiving a lot of flack for. Western Illinois University will not rebuild due to dwindling enrollment at the university, so they are turning the area where the building once stood into green/prairie space and plan to recycle a majority of the materials.

Losing a historical building that many WIU students called home is sad, but you gotta admit, watching the building implode is pretty cool.



Just in case that took place too fast for ya, check out this slow motion video from Western Illinois University:




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