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Drew Peterson is in more trouble.

He’s the former Bolingbrook cop who’s in prison at Menard for the murder of his third wife, Kathleen Savio, and who’s suspected in the murder of his fourth wife, Stacey Peterson.

Scott Olson, Getty Images
Scott Olson, Getty Images

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan says he’s now charged with solicitation of murder and solicitation of murder for hire for trying to put a hit on the state’s attorney in Will County who put him away, James W. Glasgow. The charges were filed today (Monday) in Randolph County, where Peterson was brought in for a court appearance.

“Both counts are Class X felonies. The solicitation for murder charge carries with it a 15- to 30-year sentence range, and the solicitation of murder for hire carries a 20- to 40-year range,” Madigan said.

Peterson is currently serving 38 years for his murder conviction.

How the alleged attempt was made, how far it got and how it was sniffed out have not been revealed. The attorney general says those specifics will be detailed at a preliminary hearing March 3.

The attorney general’s office, the Randolph County state’s attorney, the FBI and the Department of Corrections investigated. This allegedly happened between September 2013 and December 2014.