Illinois is known for a lot of things, and like most Midwestern areas it also has a lot of roadside attractions. One of those attractions is located in Vandalia, Illinois just off Veterans Parkway. No one really talks about roadside attractions since they are a dime a dozen, but this attraction is a FIRE BREATHING DRAGON, and it's going a bit viral online at the moment.

If you're sitting there saying to yourself "hey, people talk about this Dragon in my town the time!" To that I say, That's awesome. It looks like this Dragon is a local celebrity, but it's not talked enough about outside the Illinois area, more people need to know about this amazing beast!

Source: insideillinois Tiktok
Source: insideillinois Tiktok

The History

In 1995 Kaskaskia Supply/Rental built a fire-breathing Dragon. They clearly wanted it to last and to work, so they reportedly worked with a Propane expert to make sure it not only worked but looked great too.

Originally it was meant to be a part of a parade, but they anchored the dragon down, and the rest is history.

The Video

The video goes even deeper into the history of this interesting Dragon.

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Some comments from residents joke about the area and the Famous dragon as well. You can see those here.

The Cost

According to the video if you go to the liquor store across the street you can get a coin to start the Dragon for $1. A coin gets you 10 seconds of fire. Some comments on the video from visitors and residents helped explain more.

Some comments suggest going to the hardware store instead since allegedly they tend to give coins to kids for free.

Another comment claims that sometimes the coins cost $3 at the liquor store.

If you live in the area let us know what you think of the dragon on our App!

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