If you were planning to quickly file your tax returns this year in the hopes of getting an big refund check from the state of Illinois, you might want to start making other financial plans.

The Illinois Department of Revenue says taxpayers will have to wait until after March 1 to receive income tax refunds.

According to the State Journal-Register, the department says the delay is because of efforts to stop fraud and is not because of the state budget impasse. But it's a change that could impact a large number of people:

The announcement means a significant number of Illinois taxpayers could be affected. In 2014, the year before the state began implementing new security measures that delayed refunds, more than 1.3 million returns were filed in January and February that entitled filers to income tax refunds. Those refunds would be delayed this year. The state processes more than six million individual returns.

The department says those who file state tax returns before March 1 will receive their refunds two to three weeks after March 1. Refunds will be issued two to three weeks after returns are submitted for those who file after March 1.