So. This blog took a major shift while researching for it. 

During Thursday's show, we answered the question: Why don't we eat turkey eggs?

You can skip to about the 13-minute mark to listen to the conversation.

It turns out that the only reason that we don't eat them is that turkeys only lay about 2 per week compared to the multiple eggs a day a chicken will lay. It also turns out that chickens used to not lay nearly as many eggs as they do today but we selectively bred (read: genetically engineered} them to pump out eggs at an alarming rate.

There isn't anything inherently wrong or bad with turkey eggs. They apparently have a higher yolk: white ratio, which makes it better for some applications such as hollandaise sauce.

My interest had been piqued and I wondered where I could pick up some turkey eggs in town. It was the perfect subject for a post here on "3 Places In Rockford To Score Turkey Eggs." The clicks would have come rolling in.

Then I went to do some research and found nothing. That doesn't mean that no place in town sells them, but it seems like Google isn't aware of it, and that's usually a bad sign.

But now I feel like I need to try them. I did find a spot online that sells them but they cost over 100 bucks for a dozen. I'm just looking for 2 or 3.

Does anyone know of a store that carries them or a farmer's market that has them occasionally? I'll share my turkey omelet with you if you find one.

Thanks for the help.

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