A lot of states don't have an official food, Illinois and Wisconsin each have several state foods.

The midwest is really showing off on this list of official state foods put out recently. Well, at least Illinois and Wisconsin are. You might know that Illinois' state bird is the Cardinal, or that Wisconsins state flower is the Common Blue Violet. But do you know what Illinois and Wisconsin's official state foods are?

Let me guess what you're thinking right off the bat.

Illinois - Corn

Wisconsin - Cheese

And I'm here to tell you, you're not wrong. But the list doesn't stop at those two things. Wisconsin and Illinois have a lot of state foods, and after scrolling through every state's I think Wisconsin and Illinois take home the cake when it comes to the MOST official foods.

So how is an official state food even determined? Well, there's actually a lot of history behind how they came about. History.com details -

The first state foods appeared in the mid 1960s. New Mexico was one of the first to proclaim both chilis and refried beans as their state vegetables in 1965. Florida’s orange juice was official in 1967. But the glory days of state foods has definitely come in recent years, with more and more states adopting official snacks, pies and berries.

So, time to take a look at Wisconsin and Illinois' official state foods.

7 Foods You Didn't Know Were Official State Foods of Illinois & Wisconsin

Wisconsin and Illinois' official state foods you probably didn't know about.

I think it's kind of cute Illinois and Wisconsin share corn. Illinois actually has corn for TWO official state foods. It's their official state vegetable and grain.


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