With the holiday season fastly approaching, we all need to accept the fact that winter and snow will be here in the blink of an eye too. The way I see it, we can either be mad about the cold and snow, or we can find ways to have fun in it. Let's choose the happier route.

 Horseback Riding at White Pines Ranch

Ever since I was a kid I have loved horses and wished for one of my own, and now my daughters have inherited the horse-crazy gene too. A pony is always the number one thing they ask for each Christmas, and since I hate disappointing their sweet faces, I need to find creative ways to satisfy their horse-driven wishes. What I found was Winter Horseback Rides at White Pines Ranch in Oregon, Illinois.

White Pines Ranch via Facebook
White Pines Ranch via Facebook

Treat Your Family To A Magical Weekend With Horses At White Pines Ranch

The Winter Horseback Rides at White Pines Ranch go far beyond just taking a trail ride...it's a complete horse-lovers weekend! Here's how White Pines Ranch explains the winter experience on its website;

Winter is a magical time at White Pines Ranch. The scenery is breathtaking when snow covers the pine trees and all of the pastures are covered in a blanket of white! The canyon is transformed into a winter wonderland with huge icicles cascading down the sandstone sides.

Winter fun at White Pines Ranch includes an overnight stay, meals, horseback riding, sledding, cross-country skiing, hiking, crafts, line dancing, hay rides, campfires and SO much more. If you're looking for a quick getaway you will never forget, you seriously need to book a weekend at White Pines Ranch this winter. Get more information and check out their 45-minute trail ride options too at whitepinesranch.com.

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